Broken into but not Broken. How we recover from yet another setback.

On Monday 26th April our premises within the the Courtyard of Middleton Hall was broken into.

After a difficult 12 months of trying to trade whilst hospitality was shut down, we were so excited to be able to reopen again. However, it was absolutely devastating to discover the mess and damage to our property not long after the slow road to recovery. I am not only upset by the mess and the damage, I am angry at what they have taken. Myself and our team work so hard to bring our fantastic products to this area and for some mindless individuals to bring such distress to a small family-run business makes me feel sick to my stomach. 

We were not to be broken!

The prompt tidy up and repairs went underway and we were able to open back up last Wednesday 28th April.

Do you want to help?

The best (and we believe the tastiest) way to support Bake180 is to take a look at our current product list and place an order. You get to enjoy our delicious produce and we get to see your smiling faces. Win Win!

Bake180 wasn’t the only shop targeted, others within the courtyard were also affected. Please show your support to these two businesses by dropping a like on their pages. Odanata Studios | Chalk & Line

Bake 180 Coffee Shop is a fabulous independent coffee shop within the Courtyard of Middleton Hall, Tamworth.

You will always receive a friendly welcome and excellent service from the team.

From fresh, flavourful breakfasts to luscious Afternoon Teas, heavenly cakes to an aromatic coffee range, there is something to please all tastes.

Bake180 Coffee Shop offer vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options and use environmentally friendly take-out containers.

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